Mom Intervenes in Suit Over Same-Sex Marriage

Apr 3, 2014

The mother of an accident victim is now involved in a federal lawsuit filed by his same-sex partner, who is trying to overturn Alabama's ban on gay marriage. A federal judge in Montgomery says Pat Fancher can intervene in a lawsuit filed after the death of 53-year-old David Fancher. Fancher's longtime partner, Paul Hard, sued in December. The two men were legally married in Massachusetts, but Alabama law doesn't recognize same-sex marriages. Hard's lawsuit asks a court to strike down Alabama laws banning same-sex unions. Pat Fancher says in court documents she doesn't want to share her son's estate with Hard. She also says she opposes same-sex marriage. Fancher is being represented by the Montgomery-based Foundation for Moral Law, which was founded by Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore.