Moral Mondays Movement Spreads To Alabama

Sep 22, 2014

Rev. William Barber speaking at a Moral Mondays rally in 2013, similar to the one held Monday in Alabama.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

The Moral Mondays movement has spread from North Carolina to Alabama.

Founder William Barber urged a crowd on the state Capitol steps Monday to push Alabama's Republican-controlled Legislature to adopt a moral agenda. He said that would include expanding Medicaid, repealing a law to require voters to show a photo ID at the polls, and making sure all citizens have access to justice.

Barber said the tea party has hijacked the Republican Party in Alabama and some of the current leadership should be called "extremists."

The Rally for a Moral Legislative Agenda was organized by several groups, including the Alabama NAACP. State President Benard Simelton says the next step is to develop a list of issues to present to the governor and Legislature for the spring legislative session.