Shrimpers Will File Lawsuit

Mobile, AL – The Southern Shrimp Alliance is planning to file a trade lawsuit against twelve nations. The alliance is trying to fight what it considers unfair competition. Joey Rodriguez is an Alabama representative of the group. Rodriguez says the Southern Shrimp Alliance's law firm will move forward with the suit if the shrimpers have 300-thousand-dollars by October 15th. Rodriguez spoke yesterday to a group of seafood industry representatives about the Alliance's recent work on behalf of shrimpers. The Southern Shrimp Alliance voted last month to pursue the lawsuit. It targets nations the group accuses of selling shrimp at below-market prices. The countries include China, Vietnam and Thailand, and shrimpers say such tactics have forced domestic shrimp prices to 30-year lows. The alliance is still trying to find enough money to file the lawsuit, which could cost up to three million dollars.