Marshall County Courthouse


ALBERTVILLE, Ala. (AP) — The Sons of Confederate Veterans have replaced a disputed Confederate battle flag at a northeast Alabama county courthouse with a replica of the first flag Alabama raised after seceding from the union. 

Marshall County leaders say they weren’t consulted before the Confederate heritage group acted on Tuesday in Albertville.

Two School Systems Closed Due to Flu

Jan 25, 2019

Two North Alabama school systems are closing as the number of flu cases across the state increases. reports Albertville City Schools will be closed Friday and Monday, while Fayetteville City Schools will close Friday.

Albertville officials say 13 percent of the district's almost 5,700 students were absent Thursday. WHNT-TV reports teachers and custodians will use the student-free days to clean classrooms and other areas.

Fayetteville is reporting higher numbers of flu as well as a stomach virus.

Flooding Prompts Rescues in North Alabama

Sep 27, 2018
flood SUV
Albertville Fire & Rescue

Flash floods in north Alabama trapped people in homes and vehicles yesterday, and forecasters say the threat could last through today.

Torrential rain from a cold front moving through the state caused water to quickly cover roads and low-lying areas near Birmingham. Video and photos showed homes surrounded by water and motorists trapped in cars and trucks.

A mobile home park was evacuated in Brighton because of rising water, and fire officials say at least two people were rescued in the city.

Five AL School Systems Closing Due to Flu

Feb 8, 2018

Five school systems in north Alabama with about 25,000 students total are canceling classes because of high incidences of the flu.

The city school systems in Albertville, Boaz and Guntersville have joined the Cullman County and Marshall County systems in shutting down until next week.

State statistics show Marshall County is the largest system affected by the illness with 5,468 students enrolled in kindergarten through the 12th grade. Marshall County does not plan to resume classes until Tuesday; the other four systems plan to return to class on Monday.

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