Warrior Met Coal Inc.

Warrior Met Coal

Miners striking against Warrior Met Coal say they are the targets of violence.

Video shows two trucks driving toward picketers and hitting one while barely missing another. Both the Alabama Law Enforcement and Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office said they are not aware of any reports about the incidents in the video.

Miners continue strike in Alabama after contract rejected

Apr 14, 2021
Warrior Met Coal


Mine workers are still on strike at two coal mines after union members rejected a contract proposal.

The United Mine Workers of America said the representative for more than 1,100 Warrior Met Coal workers rejected a tentative deal in balloting on Friday.

International President Cecil Roberts said members have the final say in collective bargaining agreements, so they will continue to strike.The walkout affects two facilities.

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Over 1,000 Alabama coal miners are officially on strike. 

The members of the United Mine Workers of America walked off the job at Warrior Met Coal, Inc. on Thursday evening after contract negotiations broke down.

Phil Smith is Director of Communications and Governmental Affairs for the United Mine Workers of America. He said the financial sacrifices made by the miners for the previously bankrupt company have not been honored.

Strike set for Alabama coal mines barring late agreement

Mar 31, 2021
Warrior Met Coal


Over 1,100 Alabama coal mine worders are ready to go on strike against Warrior Met Coal Inc.

The United Mine Workers of America said the walkout will begin Thursday night barring a last-minute labor agreement. The strike would include the company's No. 4 and No. 7 mines, a preparation plant and a central shop. Both locations are in Tuscaloosa County.

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TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (AP) — A new coal mine is planned in west Alabama after a county approved more than $26 million in tax breaks for the project.

The Tuscaloosa County Industrial Development Authority provided the abatements for Warrior Met Coal Inc. The company is planning a $500 million project that will create about 350 jobs in the area. Work is supposed to begin on March 1, with production set to start in early 2025.