Use Smart Devices to Listen

Smart Devices are abundant.  They exist as smart phones, smart speakers, and car integrations.  In general, they enable your listening to your favorite public radio station through a series of voice commands.  These commands vary by device, but are generally follow this pattern:

  • Get the device’s attention
    • Alexa
    • OK Google
    • Hey Siri
  • Ask the device to play something
    • Alexa, Play NPR or Play (Call Letters, Station name, Podcast name, etc.)
    • OK Google, play NPR or Play (Call letters, station name, Podcast name, etc)
    • Hey Siri, play the station (station call letters or name) 
      Hey Siri, play (station call letters or name) radio
      for Alabama Public Radio, try "Hey Siri, play NPR News APR News and Classics"

That is the good news.  However, users need to train the devices to their command.  Depending on speech pattern, It may take a few tries to get the device to play Alabama Public Radio.

Below are instructions from National Public Radio on how to use each platform.

Enjoy your public radio station from wherever you are.