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Bahamas Miracle

Big Dog Ranch Rescue [Facebook]

The rescue of a young, emaciated dog, found in the rubble more than three weeks after Hurricane Dorian ravaged the Bahamas, is a heart-warming story.  In fact, it's a Miracle - that's the name his rescuers gave to this special survivor.


In the Bahamas, a drone flew over the rubble and debris left by Hurricane Dorian a month ago. It was being operated by Big Dog Ranch Rescue, searching for lost and stray pets. The drone detected a patch of heat, so a volunteer made his way carefully over the debris.

Trapped under an old air-conditioning unit he found a survivor, a young dog, weak but still alive. The volunteer held out an open can of dog food, which the animal licked. Then his tail began to wag.

The rescuer carried the weak but grateful dog out of the wreckage to safety. No one could believe he survived so long in such a confined space. There was a puddle of rain water which is probably the only thing that kept him alive. They named him, “Miracle”.

Big Dog Ranch Rescue, based in Loxahatchee Groves, Florida, has rescued over 150 animals from the Bahamas, flying them back to the United States. Some are reunited with their owners while others will be adopted to new homes.

In fact, the rescuers were searching for specific dogs at the request of their owners when they found Miracle trapped in the debris. He weighed only 22 pounds, probably about half of his normal weight. His muscles had wasted awayfrom inactivity. He was too weak to stand up, or even to bark for help.

A heat-seeking drone and dedicated volunteers saved a dog that had survived for more than three weeks on nothing but rain water. Miracle has a long road back to health, including a gradual feeding regimen, antibiotics and physical therapy. But his rescuers are convinced he will have a full recovery. After all, he made it this far – and that’s truly a Miracle!

To keep up with this special dog and the group that has rescued so many animals in the Bahamas, visit their Facebook page at “Big Dog Ranch Rescue” or their website at “”. While you’re there, consider making a donation toward Miracle’s recovery, or to support an organization that many folks, including me, had not heard of. That is, until they rescued an amazing Miracle, when we’re speaking of pets.


Mindy Norton has been “Speaking of Pets” on Alabama Public Radio since 1995.
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