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Mobile County rolls out new vaccine clinics


The Mobile County Health Department is hosting a series of vaccine drives at the Alabama Cruise Terminal through the end of the week.

Scott Chavers, health services administrator at the Mobile County Health Department, said the expansion is thanks to a boost in Pfizer vaccine allocation from the Alabama Department of Public Health. The MCDH is hoping to distribute a large number of vaccines before the Easter holiday.

"Alabama Department of Public Health was able to procure a large number of vaccines from Pfizer, so we are in a big, big push this week to get as many people vaccinated before the holiday weekend," Chavers said.

Chavers also said that attendance at Monday’s vaccine drive was unexpectedly low due to issues with publicity.

"Unfortunately, we made the decision to have this vaccine clinic relatively late in the week and we didn't publicize it like we normally do, and unfortunately I don't think the word got out very well," Chavers said.

Chavers said that MCDH is being careful not to waste vaccine, and thawing out only vaccine they know they can use. The coronavirus vaccine has to store at extremely low temperatures and can't be refrozen once it's thawed in preparation for a patient.

MCHD clinics are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Alabama Cruise Terminal at 201 S. Water Street, Mobile, AL through April 2.

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