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Alabamians encouraged to participate in Giving Tuesday after low charitable ranking


Alabama stands at the crossroads this Giving Tuesday. WalletHub’s ranking of the Most Charitable States lists the Yellowhammer State in at number 42 out of 50, dubbing Alabama one of the least-giving states in the country.

The ranking is a comparison of all 50 states on 19 indicators of charity and generosity, with Utah ranking at #1 one and Arizona at #50.

The biggest categories looked at when determining the ranking are volunteer hours and percentage of donated income. As far as volunteer and service hours go, Alabama ranks at #44 on the list.

Cassandra Happe, an analyst for WalletHub, said that although the state is among the lowest in the category for volunteering, Alabama ranks a little higher in the category of income donated. She said the state stands at #18 in this field of giving.

“As far as charitable giving goes, Alabama did have one of the larger shares of income donated out of their residents,” she explained. “They just didn't seem to be putting in as many volunteer hours and didn't necessarily own up to their volunteering and service.”

Happe said Alabamians hearing about this low ranking might be encouraged to make a change this holiday season.


“Looking at a report like this and seeing that maybe your state in particular struggles with keeping up with the rest of the country for charitable giving or volunteering, could inspire residents to maybe go out and contribute more in their community to try to get those rankings up,” she explained.

This Giving Tuesday is the perfect time for that. Alabamians have the chance to be generous and help others out. Whether that is volunteering their time or paying donating to a charitable cause, no generosity is overlooked and always appreciated.

For volunteer opportunities near you, visit the AARP website.




Hannah Holcombe is a student intern at the Alabama Public Radio newsroom. She is a Sophomore at the University of Alabama and is studying news media. She has a love for plants, dogs and writing. She hopes to pursue a career as a reporter.
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