Student reporter Tucker Legerski


Tuscaloosa students have collected cans for art and a cause.

Today 20 public schools from Tuscaloosa will be displaying student-built structures at the Dinah Washington Cultural Arts Center. Each structure is built entirely from donated cans that were collected at the school.

flash flood
National Weather Service

Mobile and Southern Alabama will continue to experience large amounts of rain over this week. Experts with the National Weather Service said Wednesday will be the heaviest day and that this rainfall will likely bring flooding and flash flood warnings.

Meteorologist Brandon Black compared this event of rain to previous rainfalls.

"We have noticed this event has been one of our heavier flooding events that we have had in a long time," he said. "Some of our gauges were in their top-5 highest crests over the past week, which is pretty high for our area."


The Klein House is a piece of Alabama history. The plantation-style house in Harperville is largely empty. There are wooden floors, a small staircase, and has peeling, old wallpaper.

(TUSCALOOSA, AL)-- A new grant will help health experts discover how the amount of sleep someone gets is related to chronic diseases.

Adam Knowlden is an Associate Professor of Health Science at University of Alabama. The National Institute of Health awarded him a five-year grant to study the relationship between sleep and chronic diseases, and how that’s associated with obesity.

Knowlden thinks it’s important that his work is being conducted in Alabama.