Alabama has one hundred and ninety six cases of Coronavirus

Mar 18, 2020

Alabama health officials now confirm 196 (updated) cases of the Coronavirus in the state. A concern was also raised about blood shortages. The American Red Cross has cancelled close to two thousand blood drives. This has prompted the State to ask potentials donors to keep donating, and that blood banks sanitize their facilities. Health officials in Alabama are also making suggestions on what to do if someone thinks they have the Coronavirus. The illness has symptoms similar to the flu, including fever, body aches, and nausea. Dr. Jeanne Marrazzo* is director of infectious diseases at UAB. She says patients should treat their flu like symptoms at home, until they get worse. “I would say if it escalates or you start to feel worse, then call your healthcare provider," says Marrazzo. "And, I would call them first because we’re trying to screen people at entry into the healthcare system.” Marrazzo says at home treatment of the flu includes bed rest, Tylenol for a fever, and staying hydrated. Again, if you start to feel worse, contact your family doctor