Betty the Weather Cat

May 16, 2020

Today will be warm and cuddly, with a good chance of snuggles!
Credit Jeff Lyons [Facebook]

Jeff Lyons describes Betty the Weather Cat as a mix of Maine Coon cat and Norwegian Forest cat.  Fans think this "working" cat should be compensated for her contribution to Jeff's weather report, so he shared a video of Betty enjoying a can of tuna.  At a time when people are concerned about the future, Betty is on air to make us all smile!


During the coronavirus pandemic, some folks have been working from home in order to self-quarantine. That includes television reporters, commentators and hosts who are now often seen delivering their broadcast from their home office or living room or even the garage. And occasionally a child or a pet will wander into the shot and viewers get a chance to see the normally poised broadcaster try to deal with the interruption.

Jeff Lyons, Chief Meteorologist at WFIE-TV in Evansville, Indiana, has a cat named Betty that has become a star in her own right. About a month ago, Jeff set up a small studio, complete with a “green screen”, in his dining room at home so he could maintain his social distance and still do a professional job with his weather report.

One evening, near the end of the newscast, the director suggested that Jeff hold up his 11-year-old cat, just for fun. Not sure it was such a good idea, he picked up the fluffy gray and white feline, cradled her in his arms and introduced her to the viewers. Betty looked calmly at the camera and swished her tail. Afterward, Jeff posted a screenshot of himself with Betty in front of the weather map on his Facebook page.   And a star was born!

To say that Betty the Weather Cat (as she is now known) is popular with the viewers would be an understatement. She began showing up on social media sites, and people around the world in places like Canada, Australia, South Africa, Russia, have posted and sent messages and pictures of their own pets. Now she even has her own Instagram account.

She may not be a television star forever, but for now Betty is a fixture on Jeff’s nightly weathercasts. He set up a pedestal, covered with a blanket, for her TV appearances from home. At some point, when Jeff begins broadcasting from the TV studio again, he will not take Betty to work with him, a disappointment for her many fans, certainly.

But for now, it’s great to see such a warm relationship between a professional meteorologist and his furry feline friend (and co-anchor), when we’re speaking of pets.