Mobile police to strictly enforce downtown drinking rules, Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

Jul 14, 2016

Police in Mobile say they will strictly enforce the city's open-container alcohol ordinance in the downtown entertainment district.

That means consuming alcoholic beverages outside of entertainment venues in downtown Mobile is about to get harder for tourist and local residents.

Mobile police say the outside consumption of alcoholic beverages will still be permitted but will come with conditions.

Police say the size of approved alcoholic beverage containers cannot exceed 16 ounces, and an alcoholic beverage can be removed from a downtown licensed establishment only if it's in a paper or plastic cup with a commercially printed name and/or logo of a designated licensee.

Paper or plastic cups with a special logo obtained from Main Street Mobile are also approved containers for alcoholic beverages.

July is minority mental health awareness month and a summit is being held in Birmingham on the subject today.

The theme of the event is “When Women Speak,” meaning that many women coming from diverse backgrounds will be featured as keynote speakers.  The summit will focus on topics such as post-partum depression, women veterans with PTSD and cultural competency.

Nada [Nadia] Richardson is the founder of No More Martyrs mental health awareness campaign. She says this focuses on an often overlooked form of discrimination.

“No More Martyrs came about when Karyn Washington, the founder of ‘For Brown Girls,’ was lost to suicide.  I really wanted to do a campaign that incorporated mental health into the diversity discussion so we could really explore how individuals could be discriminated against based on their mental health status.”

Richardson hopes that this event will spark stronger community conversation in minority groups and that the summit will reoccur in years to come.

It’s called the world’s largest fishing tournament and it kicks off this weekend at Dauphin Island.

This will be the 83rd annual Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo hosted by the Mobile Jaycees.  The three day event features 30 categories with cash and prizes valued up to one millions dollars.

Eric McCall is the Vice President of Media Relations for the Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo. He says the competition brings in more than just the competitors.

“Annually we expect for about 3200 anglers to fish our tournament. But the town of Dauphin Island itself gets about 75,000 spectators that come down to the island, in conjunction with the 3200 anglers.”

The tournament offers more than just a good competition among anglers. Beginning Thursday afternoon there will be live music, drinks, and food throughout the entire weekend.