Modern Appliance Dangers

Jan 12, 2019

For some reason, cats love clothes dryers - so dangerous!
Credit fab4chiky [Flickr]

Pets, especially cats, often like to find places to snuggle down, away from the hustle and bustle.  I once had a cat that disappeared for a while.  I finally found her in a dresser drawer that had been left open, then pushed closed.  She was sleeping on a pair of jeans in a very tight space!


Modern household appliances sure help to make life easier. I’m grateful I don’t have to use a washboard and bucket to get my clothes clean, or build a fire to cook or to heat water for the bath. However, those same modern appliances we all enjoy and depend on so much can become hazards to our pets.

The thought of your cat being soaped up and rinsed along with your clothes or dishes may seem humorous, especially considering that most cats hate baths. But cats have drowned when they were accidentally closed up in the dishwasher or clothes washer by an unsuspecting owner.

Even more common is a cat who jumps into an unattended clothes dryer. That dark, cozy-looking space seems inviting. But, if your cat gets caught inside when the dryer starts, heat stroke could result.

Stovetops and open oven doors can seriously burn a cat who decides to jump up at the wrong time. At the other extreme, a curious cat accidentally closed up in the refrigerator or freezer could suffer frostbite, hypothermia or worse.

Dogs, as well as cats, have been burned when they got too close to space heaters, irons, or fireplaces. Some have been electrocuted by playing with - and chewing on - those enticing electrical cords.

Paper shredders pose a danger to both dogs and cats. Getting a tail, ear, paw or other body part caught in those relentless teeth could cause serious harm to your furry buddy.

You can prevent a possible tragedy by keeping appliance doors closed when not in use, by checking inside before switching any appliance on, by turning off the auto feature on paper shredders, and by keeping your pet away from heaters, fireplaces and electrical cords.

If you have a gas cooktop, you might consider covering the knobs or removing them before leaving the house, to prevent your cat from accidentally starting a fire.

Planning ahead and taking a few precautions will help to ensure that our modern conveniences don’t endanger our four-footed best friends, when we’re speaking of pets.