New Report Shows Alabama Airports are Big Business

Jan 13, 2021


Credit Wikipedia

Alabama airports bring in big money according to a new report from the Alabama Department of Transportation.

The travel hubs generate more nearly five billion dollars a year in economic activity. This information was presented to the public earlier this week by Governor Kay Ivey and local leaders at the Montgomery Regional Airport.

Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed said taking care of the airport is taking care of the Black Belt. 

“We believe that if we grow the airport, we can grow logistics and we can grow, not just commercial travel, but also freight and other types of businesses. That’s going to spill over into other areas of the Black Belt, that’s going to spill over into other areas of central Alabama,” he said. 

Reed said he wants to continue using the airport to help his city. 

“We want to continue to leverage this airport. We’re home to two military units, the 187th Fighter Wing of the Air National Guard and future home of the F-35. We’re also the Alabama Army National Guard’s army aviation support facility.” 

The study shows that flights to and from Alabama’s public airports reach every state in the United States, as well as 23 countries.