Pet Supplies in the Pandemic

Apr 18, 2020

Sure miss hanging out with the neighbors!
Credit beltz6 (Glenn Beltz) [Flickr]

Your pet probably enjoys having you around more these days, but there may be times when boredom sets in.  And a bored pet can get into trouble.  Take time to play with your best friend.  It will be good for both of you, and help to strengthen the bond between you!


If there is one symbol that everyone can identify with during the COVID-19 pandemic, it might be a roll of toilet paper. While that may be a concern for us, such shortages don’t affect our pets. Dogs can use the great outdoors, and cats can use the litter box. But it is still our responsibility to stock up on the supplies our pets do need. Dr. Ruth MacPete – the “Pet Vet” - has some suggestions about what we need to have on hand to keep our pets happy and healthy.

The most essential item, of course, is food. No one is reporting a shortage of pet food, but many of us are staying home more and making fewer trips to the store. Even online orders are slower, due to delivery services being so busy. Plan ahead to make sure your pet has enough food to last at least a couple of weeks. If your pet is on a special diet, it’s even more important to make sure you don’t run out.

Inventory of pet medications is another priority. If your veterinarian has prescribed insulin for diabetes, or other necessary medications, keep a supply on hand to last at least two-to-three weeks. Don’t forget flea and heartworm treatments, medication for things like arthritis, and even nutritional supplements that will keep your pet healthy and active.   And do not substitute human medications for those you give your pet.  They may contain higher dosages, or other ingredients, which could harm your best friend.

About that litter box – as Dr. Ruth says, cat litter has no expiration date, so you can stock up and keep it indefinitely. Now that we’re closed up indoors with our pets, having clean cat litter is even more important.

Let’s talk about grooming. This is the time of year when pets shed their winter coats. That can be a problem, especially to those who have a sensitivity to pet hair; keeping our pets clean and brushed will reduce the pet hair problem and help to keep your pet’s coat healthy.

Animals do not understand the threat of a global pandemic. It’s our job to make sure they stay happy and healthy, so we can enjoy their company as we all face it together – with our best friends by our side – when we’re speaking of pets.