Rep. Mac McCutcheon Named House Speaker, Birmingham City Officials Agree On Budget

Aug 16, 2016

AL Rep. Mac McCutcheon

Members of Alabama’s House of Representatives have elected Republican Representative Mac McCutcheon of Capshaw, Alabama as the new Speaker of the House.

McCutcheon received 68 votes during yesterday’s election. He promised to be fair to Representatives on both sides of the aisle, and says the days of “imperial speakership are over”.

McCutcheon replaces former House Speaker Mike Hubbard. Hubbard was removed from office after he was convicted of felony ethics violations.

The new speaker is a former police officer and most recently served as chairman of the House Rules Committee, which sets the agenda for the House. The speaker election kicked off a special session that’s to be focused on a state lottery and Medicaid funding.

Officials with the city of Birmingham have agreed in principle on a budget for the Magic City. APR’s MacKenzie Bates has the details.

Mayor William Bell and the Birmingham City Council verbally agreed to a budget at the end of the meeting yesterday. Both sides appear to be ready to move forward to enact the budget.

The specifics of the budget have not been released.

City Council President Johnathan Austin says collaborative efforts between the Mayor and the City Council must continue to happen as they look to move the city in the right direction.

The Mayor and the City Council will meet again to review the proposed budget this Friday in a special meeting called the Economic Development, Budget and Finance meeting.

The final budget proposal will be released during Friday’s meeting.

A travel nightmare for a couple from Great Britain may have a happy ending here in Alabama.

Richella Heekin planned a Las Vegas trip with her boyfriend, Ben Marlow. She wanted to book her departing flight from Birmingham, England. She accidentally booked it out of Birmingham, Alabama.

The couple’s story went viral and Alabama’s Greater Birmingham Convention and Visitors Bureau stepped in. The agency is bringing the couple to the Magic City. Bureau spokeswoman Vickie Ashford says they have plans to make the couple’s trip exciting.

“They’ll be able to throw out the first pitch at the Barons game on Wednesday. And they’ll be doing what a lot of people are not able to do which is the Porsche driving experience at Barber Motorsports Park where they’ll get a chance to view the park, the museum and all that there is to offer there at Barber.”

Ashford says the couple will be in Birmingham today and tomorrow. They’ll go zip lining at Red Mountain Park, visit the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute and be treated to local dining.

Alabama’s health department is recommending a water park shut its doors due to a parasite. reports the popular water park Spring Valley Beach in Blountsville, Alabama was closed Sunday due to the presence of cryptosporidium, also known as “crypto”.

The Centers for Disease Control says crypto is a highly contagious parasite typically spread in swimming pools or other water sources that contain fecal matter from an infected person. The parasite can cause diarrhea, stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting and fever, especially in those with weakened immune systems.

The CDC says chlorine can kill the parasite, but it can still survive in treated water for as long as 10 days.

Park officials say Spring Valley Beach was already scheduled to be closed this week, but plans to reopen on schedule this Saturday.