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World Spay Day 2022

puppies in cage - Daniesq.jpg
Too many puppies crowded in a cage!

In 1995, the Doris Day Animal League launched the first Spay Day USA to promote spaying and neutering of dogs and cats as a way to help reduce the problem of homeless pets.  Just over ten years later, that organization merged with the Humane Society of the United States, and the annual event became World Spay Day, which happens on the last Tuesday of February every year.  On this past Tuesday the last one in February, around the world events were held to promote and encourage pet owners to have their furry friends spayed or neutered.

     This year, in honor of Spay Day, philanthropist Ken Jackson arranged for a large donation to Alabama Spay/Neuter, to fund low-cost surgeries for dogs and cats.  Mr. Jackson is already known for his contributions to help animals; he founded the Remy Fund for pets and animal services, named in honor of his canine companion.  Pet lovers around Birmingham can enjoy time outdoors with their four-footed friends at the Remy Dog Park, another donation by Mr.Jackson.

     Spaying and neutering is essential to help stop the ongoing euthanasia of homeless pets because there are still too many of them and not enough homes. Calculated projections of the result of unaltered pets mating and producing litters yield some staggering numbers.  One unaltered female dog and her mate (and their offspring) could be responsible for the birth of more than sixty thousand puppies over a 6-year period.  Two unaltered cats (and their offspring) can produce over three hundred thousand kittens in seven years. 

     If those numbers aren’t enough to get someone’s attention, then perhaps consider the benefit to the animal.  A spayed or neutered pet will have a chance to live longer and be healthier.  Plus, that animal will probably be a better companion pet.  That means that spaying or neutering your furry buddy will be an investment in your community, in your neighborhood, and most importantly, in your best friend, when you’re speaking of pets.


Mindy Norton has been “Speaking of Pets” on Alabama Public Radio since 1995.