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Dog and Italian Trainer Win America's Got Talent

Border Collies are intelligent, high energy animals that can be great pets for active people!
Russell Harry Lee
Border Collies are intelligent, high energy animals that can be great pets for active people!

On this season’s America’s Got Talent, singers, acrobats, aerialists, comedians, and performing groups, all competed for the top prize, which includes a headliner spot in a Las Vegas show plus a cash prize of one million dollars. 

Out of all the talented acts that competed for that prize for Season 18, it was a man and his dog that walked away with it.

     Adrian Stoica, a professional dog trainer from Italy, has won dozens of titles in international competitions with his amazing dogs.  On this year’s AGT competition, he and his dog Hurricane, a Border Collie, amazed audiences and judges with their performances.  They started with a skit of Hurricane helping his human get ready for the day.  They moved on to the next round, in which Hurricane helped his human do some yard word, with the dog standing on his hind legs and pushing the lawn mower.  Great scores from that performance put them in the final round of the competition.  For that round, Hurricane retrieved AGT judge Sofia Vergara to be his trainer’s date for the evening.  The skit showed Hurricane helping his human get ready for his big date, even picking out his wardrobe.

     What amazed everyone, judges and audience included, was that there seemed to be no cues by Stoica telling his dog what to do next.  In fact, it seemed in each skit that the dog knew what he was supposed to do and did it perfectly.

     So what does Adrian Stoica plan to do with his winnings?  He says Hurricane is a Border Collie, a herding breed with high energy, so he said he plans to buy him some sheep to herd.

     Sadly, it’s not hard to find a Border Collie at your local shelter or rescue group, mainly because folks are often not aware of how much attention and exercise the breed requires.  If this sounds like the kind of dog for you, October is Adopt a Dog Month, so visit your local shelter and adopt a new canine buddy – it might just become a star, when you’re speaking of pets.

Mindy Norton has been “Speaking of Pets” on Alabama Public Radio since 1995.