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Diamond Finds a Home!

Shelter dog wishing for a new home and a loving owner
Klearchos Kapoutsis
Shelter dog wishing for a new home and a loving owner

If you, like me, don’t like to think about pets being euthanized by shelters, here’s a story for you.  It’s about a dog named Diamond who had been a resident of the Iredell County Animal Services in North Carolina for almost four months.  Shelter staff tried everything to get Diamond adopted into a loving home.  And she was adopted, but soon after she was returned to the shelter.  Finally they posted on the shelter’s Facebook page about time running out for Diamond and two other long-time shelter residents.

     We think of shelters as places where animals are loved and cared for, and they are.  But they are also places that care for a lot of dogs and cats who spend most of their time sitting in a cage, surrounded by hundreds of other animals.  It is stressful for any animal, and often euthanasia is the most humane way to end the life of a pet who has endured that stress and loneliness.  Shelters exist primarily because we owners let our pets breed.  When we can’t find homes for all the puppies or kittens, we take them to the shelter.  So many cute puppies and kittens (and great dogs and cats) find their way into cages at shelters.

     After that post on Facebook, this week the other two dogs were adopted, and then Diamond.  The staff was thrilled she finally found her forever home.  They explained to Diamond’s adopting family the “rule of 3’s” when it comes to a new pet.  The first three days are for the pet to adjust to its new home.  After three weeks, the animal is feeling more comfortable, and has learned the family’s routine.  At the end of three months, the pet knows it is a member of the family and it is finally, truly home.

     Every year more than six million pets are surrendered to shelters in this country.  Please have your own pet spayed or neutered to prevent more puppies or kittens from being born.  And if you want a pet, visit your local shelter where you can find a new best friend and save a life, when you’re speaking of pets.


Mindy Norton has been “Speaking of Pets” on Alabama Public Radio since 1995.