Student reporter Tina Turner

As difficult conversations become ever more important, Alabama Public Radio is proud to present The Forum. This four part series allows college students to come together to discuss the difficult topics they care most about.

Today's episode is about Confederate Monuments. Watch below:

St. James Hotel
Tina Turner

An APR News Feature

This is perhaps Selma at its busiest. This is the 55th Selma Jubilee, a citywide observance of Bloody Sunday. That’s when voting rights marchers were beaten and teargassed on the Edmund Pettus Bridge.

Reverend Michael Bowen is among those setting their vendor tents before people start piling in. We are standing in eye shot of the Edmund Pettus Bridge. But it’s the building a block and a half over that we’re here to talk about. Bowen says the St. James Hotel is closed down, but under renovation.


CBS 42 anchor Art Franklin is on the pulpit of the historic 16

th Street Baptist Church in downtown Birmingham. He’s the moderator for the first stop in the Korey Wise, Wise Up Tour.

“How difficult was it Korey for you to watch When They See Us?” Franklin asks. 

Wise gets choked up and says, “Hard… hard."

Officer Cousette
City of Tuscaloosa

(TUSCALOOSA, AL)-- The funeral of Tuscaloosa Detective Dornell Cousette took place Sunday. The 13-year police veteran was fatally shot in the line of duty last Monday.

Readers please note this story contains content of an adult nature that might not be suitable for all ages.

“Seeing Steve stand over him like he was beating him like he was…I can feel every thump that went across his body. Billy Jack Gaither was finally dead.”

About a half dozen students are gathered at Auburn University’s campus in Montgomery watching the documentary “Assault on Gay America.” It tells the story of how Billy Jack Gaither was beaten to death with an axe handle. The message is, in Alabama, violence against gay people is not a hate crime.