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household budget

  • As Alabama students look for off-campus housing this fall, real estate experts warn that rental prices are on the rise in college towns. Researchers report this is especially true for cities that make up the Southeastern Conference, or SEC.
  • So, what did you buy during the 4th of July holiday? It might have been a vacation or stuff for the backyard barbecue. The latest U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis report confirms Americans are spending less on durable goods like cars and more on services like air travel and hotels. This, even while some grocery prices continue to be stubbornly high. So, what gives? APR goes takes us all the way back to Mardi Gras in the Mobile to explain the psychology behind spending money
  • Graduates from Gen Z looking for their first job can expect to earn an average of $37,000 per year, just $4000 ahead of their undereducated peers. But many Gen Z respondents say the debt is worth it to them in the long run. And it could be - depending on where they intend to ply their trade. Here in Alabama, a recent survey shows the cost of living is lower, but then so is the average income.
  • Parents are struggling to find affordable childcare in Alabama. The Annie E. Casey Foundation has released their annual “Kids Count” data book. The data book includes national and state rankings over numerous topics in child well being.
  • Huntsville Utilities offers ways Huntsville residences can conserve energy this summer.
  • Mary Liz Ingram on Things She Doesn't Buy
    Living with Less Plastic often means choosing reusable items. In this week's commentary, Mary Liz Ingram shares 10 things she doesn't have to buy anymore,…